GREAT JOB by the entire Blue 84 team from the art dept, production and delivery to Tampa.  My sales rep was always available and responsive to my orders. Thank you all for making the event a success! … Read More
I am very pleased with Blue 84’s performance this hot market season. Really appreciate your partnership and dedication to making sure we have what we need. As Lisa likes to say, we’re a tough date!  … Read More
We got the Phoenix Rental Car Center open thanks to the excellent service from Blue 84!  Made our first sale last night! … Read More
I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful customer service! I knew it was a long shot when I called this morning about missing the Dance Impressions cut-off date, but Melissa helped me out! I can now surprise my daughter with a dance outfit for Christmas! Thank you again! … Read More
Thanks so much for everything. This was so easy and I am so glad we were able to hook up. The products are awesome and the whole process flowed so well. … Read More
I am just a customer that loves her blue 84 drawstring style lightweight sweats. I bought them almost three years ago and have been looking for them ever since as they have become my favorite! … Read More
This may sound silly but I had to share. In August I went to a conference in Boston. I was shopping for souvenirs struggling what to buy my husband. I found a Boston tee that felt comfy. That is all he wears! He purposely dirties clothes so I can was it so he can wear … Read More