The perfect add-on memento your customers will rave about


The same great art we're known for but in sticker form! Select from thousands of stellar designs or let us customize one to fit your one-of-a-kind company.


Our goal is to get your order in the mail in just 5 business days! We know- that's fast!


Let your customers take home a memento that will last. Our stickers are made of vinyl with a 5 year exterior durability - water and scratch resistant. 

Sell More Stickers

Stickers are all the rage. Customers love them as they're great mementos for their trips, and retailers love them because they're high margin, incremental, and easy to sell.

Want to really drive some sticker sales? Check out below:


Our Best Sticker Selling Tips:

  • Impulse Home Run – A display at your checkout will drive tons of incremental impulse sales. With their affordable price and trendy art, everyone loves stickers. You will too.
  • Display to Win – They're stickers! Place your best sellers on your doors, windows, registers, tablets, counters, everywhere! Customers will love it.
  • Sticker Czar – Having one employee "own" the store's sticker sales can do wonders in terms of keeping the rest of the team focused on ensuring these items are consistently added-on.
  • Mind Your Inventory – Not all stickers are created equal, and some designs will literally fly off the display. Have your Czar note what's selling, and make sure re-orders for winners are being placed.
  • Let Us Help – We're at the ready to help, regardless if you need a specific piece of art, want to know what's trending, or just need ideas on how to make your program fly. Just call-we're here for you!


About Our Products

Blue 84 Stickers are digitally printed on vinyl to give each sticker and magnet the greatest amount of detail possible. To ensure your sticker will look great for five years, they are laminated with a textured luster finish providing a scratch and water resistant top layer.



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