Craft Goods

Support Your Craft With Craft Apparel From Blue84


On trend & comfortable, your customers favorite brand (Yours!) will also be their favorite sweatshirt or tshirt


Tons of styles and treatments keep your logo on top of your customers' minds


Your customers' laptop, phone, fridge, etc. needs your logo. Our stickers will get you there

Why Blue84?

At Blue 84, we’re way, way more than an apparel supplier.  We’ve been servicing the bar/craft industry for nearly three decades.  Given our experience, we know what it takes to drive meaningful, incremental sales for your operation.

What do we know?  Here’s just a short list:

  • Merchandising – How to display your wares for maximum performance without disruption of your core service
  • Inventory Management – We can engage with your POS data and keep you replenished; making sure those hot selling items get back into stock immediately
  • Branding / Creative – Our team of artists numbers in the dozens, and our design library is massive. If you can dream it, we can design it.
  • Promotion – We know the tricks and tips that successful programs have used to take their apparel programs from “just OK” to “through the roof!”
  • Digital – Tap into our team of experts for SEO, search, email, social media, and website advice. We’re here to help.

Let us consult with you over a beverage.  No obligation on your part (unless you want to buy us a beverage – we never refuse a good craft libation).  We think you’ll like what we can do to help your business.



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